Irish Hunger Memorial

These are the last of the photos I took while in NYC in May.  I’ve posted these already to the main site, but thought I’d highlight them here, too.  What you don’t see (because the light was not ideal looking the other direction) is the top of this is like a piece of Irish countryside dropped into the city.  Really very cool.  Read more about it here.

3 thoughts on “Irish Hunger Memorial

  1. That building directly left of the Memorial in the top photo is Riverhouse by Polshek (now Ennead), the one I was telling you about with the curving glass wall. What you might be able to notice in your shot is a small portal in the wall facing the memorial. The portal has some LED lighting in the walls…I’m guessing they were influenced by the Memorial’s portal with bands of light.

  2. Well, that side facing the memorial is not the most flattering for Riverhouse. But the one facing the river is quite elegant.

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