Hank + Andy’s

I’ve added nine new photos to my Event Horizon series; you can take a look at them all at the web site.  I didn’t leave myself enough room on the web page for a full description, but with the addition of these especially, I need to elaborate.  All the photos in the series are shot in the same way as my Grandfather would have – he’d strap some state-of-the-art camera around his neck and shoot whatever interested him as though he were using a point-and-shoot camera, or “instamatic” as they were called back in his day.  He didn’t spend a moment’s contemplation about it or bend his knees even to adjust his composition.  Just aim and click.  I attempted to do the same with all these, so in the end they are as much the record of an unwitnessed “performance art” piece as a careful composition.  Each different grouping was completed in about two minutes time.  And about the ‘Hank and Andy’ thing:  they aren’t a gay couple, or old unmarried brothers like in a Hallmark movie – Hank is just my sister-in-law Diane’s nickname.  She has never had a sex change operation, and I alone accept responsibility for such a rumor having gotten out.


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