Confront Your Fears!

This is the advice Lisa at A.L. Huber gave me about riding a scissor lift to get photos of solar panels on the roof of the new MGE office/warehouse in St Joseph, MO.  ‘Brian is the guy you want working the thing if you’re terrified of heights’, she assured me – and sure enough he is at least as skilled at the controls as the very finest carnie ride operator.  In this snapshot you can see not only the shadow cast by the lift as we gently wavered 600 (or so) feet in the air, but those are my feet on the platform we stood on.  Brad came along to reenact installation of the panels for the photos.


5 thoughts on “Confront Your Fears!

  1. I love your work. I looked at the painted building series (during uncompensated time over a break). Very cool!!

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