This Year’s MS Ride

This year’s ride was a hoot.  We rode 109 miles in the cold – thirty of it in a torrential rain, which isn’t nearly as fun as you might think.  I got hit in the eye early on with a golf-ball sized rain drop and couldn’t see much – never mind the water-blasted glasses.  But because of the rain and having to dial back the effort level to avoid hydroplaning all the way to the medical tent, I think my legs had time to re-group – I ended up with more energy at the end than I knew what to do with!

The photo is of teammate and bad-ass biking friend of mine Brad Albers posing with a frighteningly life-like wax mannequin of myself in Lawrence, after the ride – day one.  Day two was cancelled!   So I beat myself with a stick to make up for the loss…

Thank you again to all the wonderful friends who graciously donated to this year’s ride!  I very much appreciate all your generosity – and your patient acceptance of my biking problem.

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