Plastic Sucks!

OK not all plastic, of course – like plastic heart-valve replacements…

But what has sparked this particular rant is seeing plastic bottles, bags and rubbish washed up on otherwise pristine white-sand beaches of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve near Tulum, Mexico, where my wife and I  spent this last week on vacation.  While it was wonderful to see such a chunk of paradise saved from becoming another swim-up margarita bar, it was heart-breaking to find it so littered.  I swore on the spot to do SOMETHING about the mindless proliferation of plastic trash.  If not in the caribean, then at least in my own part of the world.

What I have come up with is petitioning our elected officials.  Arguably a  pathetic action compared to say, chaining myself to a Quick-Trip (and I may yet do that if this doesn’t work), I never-the-less urge you to please sign both of these and pass them on to everybody you know:

Petition Against Plastic Bottles

Petition Against Plastic Bags

Also, please keep an eye-out for a new page with some references and links on the issue…

Thank you!

ps – this is photo of dolphins we saw, taken immediately after one of them leap dramatically from the water:


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