Can You Believe It?!

I was riding my bike and found THIS in the road!  No kidding!  But I’m telling you, if some semi-literate school kid comes around with fantastic claims – boo hoo hoo –  he’d better have specifics… (I’m KIDDING!  I’d be happy to return it to the poor angel!  But, seriously: where’d you lose it?  What street?  What block, exactly?)


2 thoughts on “Can You Believe It?!

  1. Wow, what luck. Do you realize how rare a reading challenge medal for wrestle mania fans is? That has to be worth it’s weight in something.

    1. Turns out it’s worth its weight in tire pump, give or take – it shook loose over railroad tracks 3 miles later (I think). Had to happen, else the symmetry of the universe be out of whack.

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