Coffee Sign

I was pulling into a drive-though espresso place where there are two ways you can go: left or right.  Two or three cars were already in line on the right side, so I went left.  It wasn’t until I was practically on top of it that I notice a sign laying flat in the driveway, “PLEASE USE OTHER LANE”.  So I back up – or try to.  There is already another car behind me now, so I decide to drive on through – the sign is flat so I figure even a Civic can clear it.  I drive aound to the filling station next door to get my friggin coffee but noticed a scrape-y, drag-y sound under the car as I rounded the corner.  I look under the car and see nothing.  I get my coffee and head out onto the highway where after a couple miles the drag-y sound gets loud. I pull over onto the shoulder and wait a half-a-minute while a thousand cars blast by and then get out to take a look.  Apparently the combination of highway wind speeds and heat from my exhaust pipe softened up the sign enough it could reach pavement.  Half of what started out as a sandwich sign (pictured below) had wedged it’s way tight between the floor of the car and the exhaust pipe when I drove over it.  I pull the melty, drag-y, wedge-y sign out – a pretty major yank for a skinny old man laying in gravel – and drive it home in the trunk.  Maybe I’ll give it back to them, maybe I’ll recycle the damned thing.


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