Ode to Summer

With Labor Day long behind us and now the equinox, I thought I’d drag out the  Memorial Day fireworks photos and post them finally.  And now I’m going to go make a hot dog.


2013-05-26-dougherty-026-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-027-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-029-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-030-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-031-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-032-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-034-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-036-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-037-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-038-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-039-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-046-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-048-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-049-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-052-memorialday-b 2013-05-26-dougherty-054-memorialday-b

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