2019 Ride MS


I’ve been posting my yearly appeal for MS donations as though it were a recurring nightmare, a giant Band-Aid to be torn off fast to minimize pain.

This year I’ve decided to change my approach altogether and go positive!  Hence the bunny.  I feel very grateful and happy and blessed every summer to receive contributions, so I think it’s only right and fair that my most excellent and gracious contributors feel the same.

I really truly appreciate all the support my donors have shown me over the years—and in some cases decades—and hope they’ll continue again this year.  And for first timers seeing this, I hope you’ll join us.  The MS ride is a wonderful event fighting an awful affliction.

To those new to Ride MS, it’s a bicycle ride that takes a couple thousand bikers from Garmin headquarters in Olathe, KS and winds us around to Lawrence.  The 1st day is a century (hundred mile ride), the second can be as much as 85 miles (I think…) but I’m opting for the 37 mile option.  No need for heroics.

Thank you in advance!

Here’s a handy link:  https://secure.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=3913391&pg=personal&fr_id=30211


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