I’ve been teaching myself to do video. Up until now it’s had only to do with architecture: “Architectural video’. I’m close to having something to show of those efforts, but the coronavirus thing has got that derailed temporarily. While we’re living out the 30 day Stay-at-Home order here in Kansas City, I thought I’d document the experience. I wish everybody strength and patience, and offer this goofy series as a distraction:


2 thoughts on “Lockdown!

  1. Aaron! I hope that you and Joan are doing well. I saw this blog minutes after you did posted it… And I finally turned the computer back on today looking for day 2, day 3 etc and didn’t find them. Did you break out of stay home??? I have been careful. Mask and gloves for several weeks now.. End up going to town once or twice a week for stuff… Still doing stuff in the house.. Getting close to finishing up the back bathroom.. Still need cabinets over the washer dryer, do a shower threshold, and give the floor a recoating of epoxy.. Some replanting raised garden beds will be starting tomorrow.. Started a bunch from seeds and bought some plants at home depot yesterday, but rain this morning and this afternoon. Started looking for work again. Well, I should communicate more and better…. OH one other suprising thing. I’m down to 203# !! later Tom Milner 405-831-3854

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