A Reckless Tangent

This has nothing to do with anything, but an obtuse message from The Universe was delivered to me by way of a Strava map. Because it’s apparently meaningless, there must be some mystical import that I am unable to decipher. If I figure it out, you’ll certainly see an update.


2 thoughts on “A Reckless Tangent

  1. What?!! Don’t really understand this, but it made me go back & look at your ride route. Didn’t notice anything though. Too weird! That’s definitely a good ride title (or at least for most all of mine) 🙂

    Hope you’re doing good & that your coffee bar shoot went well.


    1. Yeah, kind of an unfinished thought, ‘spinal decompression’. What about it? Maybe it’s a new fad and this is a place where you can get stretched out on a medieval rack and tortured for ‘sport’. Along the same vein as ax throwing. Or maybe it’s just a suggestion, like ‘relax’, only more specific…

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