A monograph on the work of David Chipperfield Architects was just published by El Croquis, and includes a couple of my photos of the East Building addition to the St. Louis Art Museum – get your copy HERE.

I don’t how I forgot to post the photos from that shoot, but here they are finally. Sometimes it takes a wake-up nudge from Spain…

Saint Louis Art Museum East Building Maquetación 1
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Mid-America Arts Alliance

These are the newly renovated MAAA offices in the heart of Kansas City’s famous Crossroads district.  Beautiful design work by Sabatini Architects, expert construction by Centric Projects.

Mid-America Arts Alliance
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I’ve recently joined Cargo Collective, a sort of an on-line artists’ community.  There is so much gorgeous work to see on their site, you might want to grab a fresh cup of coffee before you take a look…  My page and this photo (among others) is HERE.


Low Res

I’ve been fooling around with an idea inspired by works done by artist Devorah Sperber, one of which can be seen at Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, AR.  All of these are extremely pixilated versions photos I pulled off the internet.  This particular series is all related to the same recent event – and I won’t tell you which; see if you can figure it out.  The easiest image to recognize is the third one – take off your glasses and squint, or move way back away from your monitor to see it…

Pixilated "Campaign"
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Airport Tunnel

This time flying through Detroit (figuratively speaking), we had some layover time and I was able to get a few touristy snapshots.  Many thanks to friends with spare frequent flyer miles for making this trip happen!

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