Added a new image to the “Open” series.  This is not in Syria or Afghanistan but Hays, Kansas.  Not sure if it was hit by a tornado or a wrecking ball.  Maybe both…  See the rest of the series HERE.

Mini Wheel

This monstrous contraption has terrorized children for decades – no doubt including my brothers and myself, when we were small and defenseless enough to be shoved, screaming, into its tiny steel gates.  It appears to be retired now – I found it parked in North Lawrence, KS.

Mini Wheel

Bowersock Power Station

When I was a kid I spent probably 90% of my time in the ditch next door to our house building dams out of mud and bricks.  It’s what I’d be doing right now if the city hadn’t buried a pipe in place of our creek.  So when I got a call this summer about taking photos of the new hydro-electric power plant in Lawrence, I said “Yeah, I’d love to”.  Just like that.  Very restrained and adult like.  Built by Kissick, architecture by Sabatini.

Bowersock Power Plant
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Abernathy Furniture Company

These are the last of recent photos for the Foutch Brothers.  The Abernathy Furniture Company building in Leavenworth, KS is converted now into apartments.  In the lobby, over the entry are a few pieces of original Abernathy furniture!

Abernathy Lofts
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Manhattan High School

These are of the recent addition to Manhattan High School in Manhattan, KS by Gould Evans.  It was difficult to edit these down to only a few images, so I gave up trying…

Manhattan High School
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Bringing Civilization to Leawood, Kansas

The same wonderful espresso as at their Union Station Cafe can now be enjoyed where the buffalo roam!  These are of the new Parisi Cafe, Park Place Location.  Designed by Helix.

Parisi Cafe, Park Place
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Medieval Kansas

I had no idea Kansans during the Middle Ages built their castles of steel-plate instead of stone.  The fact that this one has survived the centuries in such excellent condition is testament to those early peoples’ advanced engineering skills.  Though I find it hard to believe they painted it white like this in the Dark Ages.  And was there a dungeon?  or a moat?  I don’t know.  There was not a single tour guide to be found – or information plaque, even.  Go see it in Manhattan.

Manhattan High School