Alderson Auditorium

This is where KU’s  Student Senate meets.  I have only the vaguest recollection of what it looked like before Sabatini Architects did the lovely restoration.  I was a member of the Student House of Representatives, ya know.  We didn’t mix much.

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KU Structural Biology Center

The thing about these research facilities is they’re such wonderful places but so few get to enjoy them…here and at the one at OU I saw recently.  Though I don’t think anyone at either place would mind if you put on a lab coat and spent an afternoon in the lobby with your coffee and paper…

KU’s Structural Biology is on West Campus, and was designed by Gould Evans in Lawrence.

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If you’ve got good eyes and squint really hard, you’ll see this photo on page 16 of this month’s Architectural Record.  I submitted it on-line and now it’s in the “Reader Photos” section of the the December issue – which will be my last unless I renew immediately… It says, ‘Photo submitted by “a”‘, and that is indeed the sign-in name I chose when I set up my profile.  I should have known that I’d forever be identified by that single letter, but I didn’t, and now I can’t figure out how to change it to something less cryptic.  Anyway, that photo is one of several I took at Prescott House in Kansas City, Kansas, designed and built by the students in KU’s Studio 804.

Prescott House

This latest project by KU’s Studio 804 has been on the streets for a few months now, but I got in to take some quick photos of it only just last month during a meeting of the local USGB chapter.  It’s a gorgeous place and, last I hear, still available for purchase.