Tarifa, Spain

On the southern coast of Spain.  These photos are actually from two different days — there was a 24 hour stretch in the middle when we were in Morocco.  Insert those hours shortly after drinking the beers in Bossa…  In the second to the last photo, the one with the big fish, you see water and then land in the distance — that’s the Straight of Gibraltar and Africa on the other side.

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Holy Toledo!

OK, all apologies for the cheesy title…

I am attempting to make up for lost time and am going way back to 2015 to our trip to Spain.  This wasn’t our first stop, but it was the first non-dreary gray light we saw.

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Mini Wheel

This monstrous contraption has terrorized children for decades – no doubt including my brothers and myself, when we were small and defenseless enough to be shoved, screaming, into its tiny steel gates.  It appears to be retired now – I found it parked in North Lawrence, KS.

Mini Wheel

Happy Holidays!

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Have a healthy, happy new year!  -A



We’ve been snowed-in ALL DAY so naturally I began to worry that our provisions might run out.  To stretch-out our supply of edible foods, I thought I’d whip up a batch of flower pot soup.  If you haven’t starved to death already, come by and have a bowl!