This project has the most bohemian feel of the buildings I photographed recently in St. Joseph, MO for the Foutch Brothers.  There really ought to be painter’s studios taking advantage of the gorgeous light here.

Everett Apartments
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Corby Place

These are of Corby Place Senior Apartments in St. Joseph, MO.  Restoration by Foutch Brothers.  History fans might be interested in the building’s nomination form to the National Register of Historic Places.

Corby Place Senior Living
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Big Chief Apartments

The Big Chief notebook that millions of school kids have scribbled in over the decades were made in this building in St. Joseph, MO.  The building has since been restored and converted to apartments by the Foutch Brothers and is now know as Mitchell Park Plaza.  It does my heart good to see such a beautiful old building given a new life; too many like it have been leveled for parking.

Mitchell Park Plaza
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Highland Place Apartments

I’m way behind again in updating the blog, so advance apologies to the loyal subscribers who are about to be buried in a sudden deluge.  Of COOL stuff!

These are a just a few of the interior photos done for Helix of their work at Highland Place apartments in the 18th + Vine neighborhood.  Their restoration of existing houses and apartment building won a 2013 Capstone Award.

Highland Place Apartments
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2013 Tour de Brew

Photos from this year’s ride.  I’d made a little rain-coat for my camera out of a plastic bag and packing tape in preparation for what most predictors said would be a morning-long monsoon – but didn’t need it after all.  Turned out to be not so bad as forecasted.  The 60 milers got a good soaking, but by 9 o’clock when the 30 milers rolled out the rain had mostly passed.  The day ended up sunny and gorgeous.

Try to be kind when you’re looking through these and see shaky or out of focus shots – I’m primarily a photographer of architecture; not used to subjects that move around like bikers do.

2013 Tour de Brew
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Not Open Yet

The sign out front said “Open in March”, and maybe it actually is – on weekends or something.  I don’t know.  I was tempted to stretch out on that bench and wait.  Kris & Kates is in St. Joseph.

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Public Works

OK I admit to a particular fondness for industrial, utilitarian projects, but this facility for the Grandview, MO Public Works Department by SFS Architecture is especially cool – architecturally, but also in terms of urban design.  The way these purposeful buildings relate to each other and the open spaces between is really nice.  I’m happy to be able to share some photos of the place because  you’d probably get yelled at if you try to slip past the gates to see it yourself – or hit by a truck…

Grandview Public Works
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Lead Bank

I actually took these photos in October last year but, in a flurry of impending deadlines didn’t get them posted in a timely manner.  I realized this JUST NOW.  The bank is way out on the east fringes of Lee’s Summit, so pack a lunch.  Beautiful architecture by Helix.

Lead Bank
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Just like in all the best sit-coms, Scott Branton and I got stuck in an elevator today!  Hijinks ensued!  AND zany antics!  We hung out <snort!> about five feet below the 5th floor for about an hour while a crack elevator repair squad rushed to our rescue!  I got a garbled follow-up call from the property manager who (I think) said something about being glad the malfunction wasn’t caused the building being on fire.  WHAT?!

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