Dog Days

In honor of the dwindling days of summer, I’ve pulled out some photos of aquatic centers–‘swimming pools’ for those of us from the 1900’s.  These are in O’Fallon and Oak Grove, MO, respectively.  Both are designed by SFS Architecture.

Alligator Creek Aquatic Center
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Old Friends, New Friends

I first met Josh and Joseph photographing their work at a previous employer’s, but they’ve since broken out to establish Hermanos Design.  Gorgeous work right out of the gates!

And, yes this is a break from my Tour de 2018–these are current projects…but I’ll get back to those…

Mildred’s Coffeehouse in the Crossroads:Mildred's
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St. Joseph; Shawnee

Sticking with 2018, and continuing on with churches: This is St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shawnee, KS.  Design work for the renovation and expansion done by SFS Architecture.  Beautiful place.

St. Joseph Catholic Church
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The Foundry

Also at the Church of the Resurrection (see preceding post…), and also by GouldEvans is The Foundry.  The multi-purpose worship space occupies COR’s former main building in Leawood, KS, and sits next door to the current one–which you might have seen HERE.

Church of the Resurrection, Foundry Hall
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Downtown Rez

I am going to make a concerted effort to keep up with the blog.  I know I’ve said that in months past, but I am looking at all the projects I didn’t post in 2018, just to name one year.  And this year is more than half over, so…without further ado:

Lot of churches last year, so that’s where I’ll start.  This first one is the Downtown Campus of the Church of the Resurrection–or Downtown Rez–designed by GouldEvans Architects.  And it also is the church my own wife attends.

Church of the Resurrection, Downtown
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My farthest-west project ever! And north, for that matter….  Designed by HDR in Seattle, WhidbeyHeath Medical Center is an elegant addition to the hospital in Coupeville, WA on Whidbey Island.  And speaking of architecture, I had the most fantastic plate of steamed mussels at the Front Street Grill!  Well worth the 1900 mile drive.

WhidbeyHealth Medical Center
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This is my first ever project for a Parisian client!  I did the photography of the Paris-based SCOR’s local offices in Leawood, KS for OOSHOT.  I’ll be opening an office in France soon.  OK maybe not soon.

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In an effort to get some artistic forward momentum going, I have been reflecting a bit on where I’ve been, to see if I can detect an overarching theme that might give me some direction.  My wife watches this struggle from a safe distance and tells me my “hand” series was her favorite.  I put it away long ago for reasons I can’t remember—but have pulled those photos out and dusted them off.  Take a look at them HERE; not formally added again to the web-site, but viewable via this link.  These are amongst the most impromptu, un-preconceived photos I’ve taken, and I think there is some instruction in that.  Stayed tuned for developments…


Ruby City

I took a field trip recently to see David Adjaye‘s design for Ruby City, a new contemporary arts center in San Antonio, TX.  The building doesn’t open to visitor’s until October so I was limited to getting photos of the exterior.  And I got lost wandering the streets of San Antonio looking for lunch, so I missed ideal lighting for at least one key court-side view—but you get the idea.  It’s a gorgeous place.  I’m looking forward to a return visit to see the galleries and collection.

Ruby City
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Truth be Told

For Freedoms is hosting ‘Truth be Told’, a series of three billboards by Fake Name along Highway 54 in MO, between Eldon and Bagnall. If you get a chance to make the drive, you’ll see them going north-bound towards Eldon.  This is an organization doing wonderful work wide and deep across the country, please check them out.

'Truth be Told' by Fake Name
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