Platanus occidentalis

OK, I’m clipping out some trees to add to one of my architectural shoots, and I’m really liking the looks of this intermediate step.  With their backgrounds and context removed, these look to me like specimens you’d see filed away in a biologist’s cabinet.


Perot Museum

I got to take a road trip a few weeks ago to the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX by Morphosis.  I highly recommend a visit – and I recommend leaving your tripod at home and actually taking time to look at the exhibits.  For more photos and a review of the architecture go to A Weekly Dose of Architecture.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Pop Quiz!

Hey kids!  Take a look at the photo below and tell me: How many more miles of cycling enjoyment are left in this tire?  Is it, a) Lots and lots!  Or b) Not so many. (hint: it’s a little out of focus, but those white patches are the fabric casing showing through holes in the rubber)

If you answered “b”, you are correct!

KU Structural Biology Center

The thing about these research facilities is they’re such wonderful places but so few get to enjoy them…here and at the one at OU I saw recently.  Though I don’t think anyone at either place would mind if you put on a lab coat and spent an afternoon in the lobby with your coffee and paper…

KU’s Structural Biology is on West Campus, and was designed by Gould Evans in Lawrence.

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Stephenson Center

I am way behind with the blog!  But I’ve got some space to breath in the next couple days so I hope to get it up to date.  Apologies in advance for the deluge…

This is the new Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center at OU, in Norman Oklahoma – designed by PGAV with Research Facilities Design, and built by Flintco.

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Kansas Biosciences Authority

This is the new Venture Accelerator by PGAV Architects, the building located
in the Kansas Bio-Sciences campus in Olathe, KS.  The photos were taken in a sort of a hurry for the cover story in Commercial Journal magazine.  They had a fast approaching deadline, so we didn’t have time to wait for a better sky, or for the workers to wrap up construction in all spaces.  Look for the June/July issue (I think it is…) published by Anthem Publishing in Overland Park.

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Aurora Borealis in KC!

If you don’t want to suffer a winter night in Michigan to witness the aurora borealis, the colored lights show on Main Street is every bit as beautiful! These are at the new Reeves Wiedeman Company building (see previous post)…

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Merry Christmas!

Weeks ago there were five little buds on my Christmas Cactus, but I think I let it get too dry and four dropped off.  I’m sure there is a a powerful and timely life lesson to be gained here if you were of a mind to contemplate on it a while.  But I personally am needing a cookie…