Dashing Warriors

Lisa “the Barbarian” and my wife (by marriage) Joan “the Truly Frightening” signed up for the Warrior Dash last weekend and KICKED ASS.  I couldn’t find them actually running the course so these are all out of order and mostly of strangers – some stranger than others.  It’s very sad to hear a man died of complications related to heat stroke during the final day of the event…
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Here’s one for David Bowie Fans

It’s been a busy week, but not so much so I couldn’t find time to get my EYES DILATED!  This is after two hours and the effect of the chemical was already wearing off – I wish I’d thought to look sooner…





Right about now, spam filters everywhere are being updated…

Where Else but NY?!

In the very same afternoon, I met both Richard Meier and the Squirrel Whisperer of Washington Square Park!

I was lucky enough to join a tour led by Meier himself of the warehouse space in Brooklyn where Richard Meier and Partners Architects maintains a museum of the models they’ve built over the years.  The space has recently undergone improvements and is being rededicated.  A small group of journalists (and myself, courtesy of John Hill) was invited for a preview in advance of the public opening.

I met the Squirrel Whisperer while she was tending her flocks from a bench in the park.  After chatting a while, she pulled this baby out of her purse to show me.  She found it abandoned and is nursing it back to health.  It will be awhile before it’s ready to return to the “wild”, though; it’s still terrified of the adult squirrels.  Like so many of us.