White Rock Mountain

Took a road-trip this week to White Rock Mountain in Arkansas. Too early for leaves on trees, but you can see a bit more. That good-looking son-of-a-gun is my brother Alan, long time resident of NW AR.

White Rock Mountain
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Vol Walker Addition

These are photos from a recent road-trip I took to see the gorgeous new addition to the School of Architecture building at the “U of Ark” in Fayetteville – designed by Marlon Blackwell with Polk Stanley Wilcox. I was very graciously allowed to snoop around with a camera for the day and cause all their students to wonder if somebody should phone security. And for you fans of Architectural Photography Rock-Stars: I ran into Peter Aaron and Francis Dzikowski on campus! They were taking photos at another new building nearby… I didn’t get autographs, so you’ll just have to take my word.

Addition to Vol Walker Hall

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Crystal Bridges

Such a beautiful place as this in my own back yard has a gravitational pull I couldn’t resist for long – so I made a road-trip to Bentonville.  I was very fortunate to be given access with a tripod into the museum and was able to capture at least a few of the many dozens of possible photos.  I didn’t get any of the wildflowers along the entry drive; if you haven’t been, that sight alone is worth the trip….

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