Pulitzer Arts Expansion

These are of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, MO.  Read more about the expansion HERE, an excellent review by John Hill posted on World-Architects.


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Cassidy/Turley interiors

These photos are of the beautiful new Cassidy/Turley offices in Clayton, MO designed by HOK.  And I should mention, the fight in the third-from-last photo was in fact staged.

I admit to being pretty easily amazed, but the security in this office building (also gorgeous, BTW) is as rigorous as I’ve seen at any airport – security guards assign you an elevator, inside of which there are no buttons for your use.  The guard behind the desk the morning I arrived greeted me by name.  If I were a paranoid type I’d be searching my person for micro-chips…

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East Coast (of Missouri)

These are some touristy snapshots I got in St. Louis couple weeks ago of their new City Garden sculpture park and the Old Court House dome.

Road Trip

I’m in St. Louis today and yesterday on a photo shoot; this is a view from the office interiors I’m doing.  It doesn’t show here, but if you look straight down, there’s a place that serves a dozen different combinations of chili mac!  Can’t remember what it’s called……..